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Leveraging Ping An Group's comprehensive advantages in financial services, which feature professionalism, independence, stability and security, Ping An Cloud empowers OneConnect in building a global fin-tech SaaS cloud platform. So far, specialized cloud platforms for banking, investment and insurance have been built respectively, serving over 3,000 financial institutions.
Ping An Cloud backs the establishment of "PPP" open platform, which integrates data, technology and services to drive intelligent healthcare services, and covers more than 200 cities and 2300 hospitals currently.
Ping An Cloud provides strong support to the development of Ping An's smart city integrated information platform with its achievements in key areas such as AI, blockchain, and cloud computing. The platform includes four modules: elastic resources, data services, capacity platform, and application ecosystem, and aims to help users "improve services, reduce costs, strengthen control, and promote data application" with "1 + N" comprehensive solutions.
Cloud platforms for construction management, rental and real estate, backed by Ping An Cloud empower nearly 2,000 housing companies of various sizes and more than 95% of the first-tier branded residences in China.
Ping An Cloud, with cloud platform and AI as the core, empowers various market players from manufacturer, dealers to used car dealers, to create a full range of closed-loop service capabilities covering the entire supply chain from production, distribution to consumption.

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Data security and privacy protection is most paramount for Ping An Cloud, we have internationally recognized independent security standard certificates and security compliance capabilities.

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